Custom Home Design and Consultation

Offering Custom Home Construction & Design Services in Mills & Casper, WY

Turn to us for creative blueprint solutions

Customizing your new house is a rewarding experience that can make you feel right at home on the very first day. Iron Creek Design Co offers custom home construction services in Mills & Casper, WY. We connect with residential and commercial clients to bring design ideas to life. From upscale and modern to rustic and traditional, we can design any space exactly how you'd like.

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Our custom home design procedure

We collaborate with clients to build fully custom, personalized homes. When you work with us, we follow a structured process that makes our custom home construction services flow smoothly. You can expect us to:

  • Schedule an initial consultation: You'll meet with us first to discuss your long-term needs and budget.
  • Gather design ideas: We'll collaborate with you to find design inspirations that you want incorporated into your home.
  • Start the design work: We'll design the entire floor plan based on your preferences and meet with officials to follow local building codes.
  • Select all of the materials and finishes: We'll use your input to recommend colors and textures for your interior spaces.
  • Connect with a local design, consultation and specification company: After we're done with the custom home design services, we'll connect you with a design, consultation and specification company who can bring it to life.

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