About Us

Mission Statement:

With 20 years of industry knowledge and practice, the Iron Creek Design Co is proud to be designing for the future. Our focus is and always will be the satisfaction of our clients through intelligent design and constructability.

We recognize the need for sustainable residential design that thinks outside the box utilizing modern methods for the budget conscience owner and design, consultation and specification company..

Collaborating with the vision of our clients, we help bring the future into focus without sacrificing quality or experience.

The Process:

At the end of the day, when your home is complete your design, consultation and specification company goes home, but you are home.

We are client focused and driven. Our model is oriented to your satisfaction. Different from the model of other home sites where a "one size fits all" model has become the standard, everything we do here can be custom tailored to your needs.

We listen. We learn. We lead. We never assume that we know what's best for you, but we will ask the right questions.


Integrity with design and innovation with creativity are part of our principles. We're here to make your dream build a reality, and building a positive experience to meet your needs, not our expectations.

Our commitment to collaborating with you and bridging the gap from programming through construction remains the same.

Our inspiration starts with your needs, goals, and a mix of old-world style with modern modes of construction.

Experience in Design. Designed for the experience.

The Iron Creek Core Values:

  • Empower Ingenuity - Finding the right solution takes dedication, creativity and drive to effect the changes we want to see. We see challenges as an opportunity to better ourselves and the world for our clients.
  • Treat Everyone like Family - What set's ICDC ahead of the pack is this isn't a game of quantity, but quality. When you come to Iron Creek, you become a part of our family and not just a number. From Concept to Construction, the ground up and everywhere in between we're here to serve you.
  • Accuracy and Precision - We hit the mark. The endeavor to reach perfection is something we'll never reach. Better suited, we practice so that we may strive for each goal with accuracy and precision, and hit the mark for you.
  • Honesty and Integrity - At Iron Creek, we treat everyone with honesty and integrity. We're here to ensure the best solution is found to meet the needs of our clients for any challenge that they may face.
  • Work Smart, Work Hard, Be Nice - Hard work is something that we all can value and benefit from. Smart work is working hard with a mission and is the foundation of what we do. Hard work gets the job done. Smart work gets the job done effectively. Finding the balance of both is how we learn and grow. The value in what you learn when you try will always outweigh the cost.
  • Be Humble - We are here to serve your needs, from the largest mansion to a humble bungalow, we believe that every project just like every person is unique, and deserving of the same time, dedication and expertise that they respectfully deserve.

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